Apr 28, 2012

Robofish 2.0

A while back I'd illustrated a robotic angler fish for a friend and detailed the whole process on this blog. I wanted to use that piece in my recent C2E2 show, but I could see it was in need of an update. I'd learned a few new tricks by then and my skills were generally sharper, so I dove back in. Here's that original one again...

It was just looking a little...flat. It needed some more rendering in some key areas, and I thought a secondary light source could really bring out his dimensionality. Plus, I threw in some new little odds and ends to give the machinery another level of intricacy. Here's the latest...

This one just feels more fully-realized to me, and it felt good that I could sharpen an older piece without sacrificing the spirit of the original.

Until Next Time.

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