Apr 21, 2012

Adventure of the Adventure Time Commission

At C2E2 last weekend I was approached by someone to do an Adventure Time pencil sketch. Man, I had no idea how popular that show was, what with the cosplayers and the stuffed animals and the ricketa racketa. Oh, and he handed me an image for reference...

I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted, as long as it was a drawing of the show's two leads, Jake (the dog) and Finn (not the dog). So I set about with some practice sketches, just to see what would stick.


I like the way these characters are designed; their style was easy to adapt. It got me out of my comfort zone a little and forced me to draw some really noodly limbs. In the end, I settled on a combination of a few poses I'd sketched. I liked the idea of Finn bending down to talk to Jake, so I bend his noodle legs really far down into frame. I snapped a pic of the final sketch before it was handed over.

Until Next Time.

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Clinton Hatfield said...

Haha they used my picture as a reference... cool :P