Apr 23, 2012

Regular Show, Regular Update

Shortly after finishing the Adventure Time commission sketch at C2E2, I was approached by a guy that wanted a sketch for his son, featuring the son's favorite characters from the Cartoon Network cartoon Regular Show.

The guy had a cool idea; he carried around a sketchbook to different conventions and had each page filled by a different artist. The whole book was a gift for his son, and each page had a different character his son loved. I was happy, and a little nervous, to contribute. Just like the Adventure Time sketch, I was handed a reference image:

This guy actually wanted a pretty specific scene with these characters, which I preferred. That way I can focus more on getting the characters to look good and set the scene in an appealing way without spending time thinking about what they should be doing on top of that.

I did a few practice sketches and felt good about their direction. Just like the Adventure Time sketch, these guys' designs were accessible and fun. And again with the noodly arms and legs!

Anyways, I set to work in the sketchbook. He had a friend standing by to do ink and color, so once the final lines were in place I handed it off. I snapped a pic before it migrated to another artist's table:

Until Next Time.

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Gianfranco said...

The eyeroll is great.