Feb 21, 2007

Some Other Pieces I Like...

These are some reindeer I sketched a while back; they're concepts for a short cartoon.

Here we have a little Valley Girl...she loves her cellphone. Also concept for a short.

This is just a messed-up animation drawing that I "finished" to make myself feel like I didn't waste the paper.

I guess I really like blue pencil.

More to come.

Feb 16, 2007

To begin with...

First post first post!!!!! Hopefully I can learn the blogging process a little better in the weeks to come, cause I've had a little trouble getting started.

What I'll do here is list a few things right off the bat.

Classes I've taken:

- Animation I
- Animation Storyboard and Concept
- Drawing for Animation I and II
- History of Animation
- Traditional Animation Studio
- Animation Camera and Sound
- Stop Motion I
- Introduction to Computer Animation
- Introduction to Computer Graphics
- Authoring Interactive Media
- Animation Production Studio I

Here are some employers that have caught my eye:

Calabash Animation

Cartoon Network


Also, here are some people whose work I really admire:

Chewbone Animation

John Kricfalusi

Stephen Silver

Until Next Time.