Apr 24, 2014

Happy Girl

I've been pushing myself to draw more people lately. It's too easy to fall back on sketching monsters and animals, and they're not nearly as challenging as designing an appealing-looking human character.

I referenced quite a few cartooning, pinup, and figure drawing tutorials and sketched like crazy. Eventually I came up with something I thought was pretty appealing.

Here's my initial sketch:

I cleaned these lines up and made a few tiny tweaks here and there until I had some final line art I was happy with:

I wanted to color it more like a comic, so I kept my colors simple and flat. One thing I was excited to try was to color the lines themselves. I really helps push some of the features of her face. Here's the final paint version, with some simple shading:

I was also excited to play around with some comic book-y backgrounds; something with simple shapes and patterns. I also though it'd be nice to see what exactly this girl is looking at that's making her so happy, so I added a happy little flower too.

Until Next Time.