Mar 31, 2008

Birthday Eve Monster

He visits kids on the eve of their birthday. Not really sure what happens after that. Presents? Dinner and Dancing? Staring?

Guess he'll be visiting yours truly tonight.

Until Next Time.

Mar 28, 2008

Sgt. Vaccum Nose

He's so serious...all the time.

Until Next Time.

Mar 26, 2008

Puppet Pals

Riding the train, for whatever reason, I was compelled to start drawing puppets. I like when I come up with a more general idea for a theme of drawings. It's so much more fun than finishing a drawing, then sitting there thinking, "ok, now what should I draw?"

Until Next Time.

Mar 19, 2008

Enjoy These Random Selections

I've had an influx of work recently, and that makes posting things harder than I thought. I had the urge to put up something new, but realized almost everything new I've drawn is for a client. That being said, I want to make sure I'm only posting non-NDA work. So to speak. So, please enjoy these random drawings I've done on my many train rides.

Until Next Time.