Oct 26, 2009

Mr. Scarecrow Man

It's awfully dusty, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Until Next Time.

Sep 29, 2009

Puffy Dinosaur

This is what scientists call a "Symbiotic Relationship".

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Sep 21, 2009

Cactus Time

There's a metaphor here somewhere...

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Jul 6, 2009

Birthday Monster

My sister just turned 21, and I can't think of a better excuse for making art. It was tough not to include some kind of alcohol in the drawing, I admit.

Here's the original sketch/painting

...and the cleaned-up final.

Until Next Time.

May 4, 2009

The Little Martian Child

Here I am, I'm back! In the interim, many things have happened. The most noteworthy (i.e. only interesting) thing to happen was the creation of a little character I call The Little Martian Child.

He's a little baby Martian toddler, who seems to fly around and explore. We'll see what kind of shenanigans he gets up to in the future. Not really sure what I want to do with him yet, but I like the idea of fleshing him out. Right now, that's really what matters.

Here's just a simple color study of the little tyke.

Until Next Time.

Feb 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Wolfie

Another Flash piece I did for chateaugrrr.com. I remember this took a lot longer than I expected it to. But I don't think I'll get another chance to do a melted birthday cake.

Until Next Time.

Feb 3, 2009


Just a small piece of animation I did for ChateauGrrr (check them out; they're amazingly excellent)

Enjoy its drippy goodness

Until Next Time.

Feb 1, 2009

He's Gonna Be A Soccer Player!!

For some reason, I'm stuck rendering myself the way I looked when I was 20. I may not have been this flexible. I don't really remember.

Until Next Time.

Jan 5, 2009

Moleskine Dump #332567 & 1/4

Hullo There.

I think that's a flyswatter.

He is...he's ready to party

Until Next Time.