Aug 11, 2011

Painted Martian

I decided to polish up my recent sketch of the martian character and present the final piece to the guy who inspired it, Marc Maron of WTF.

I finally had a chance to see him do stand-up live, so it was a perfect chance to hand him the painting in person. The show was great, and I was flattered when, afterwords, he told me he remembered the animation I'd done for him last Christmas.

I printed out a second copy for myself so I could get his autograph. So sneaky.

Until Next Time.

Jul 22, 2011

Hey, Bulldog

Just some character sketches for fun.

Until Next Time.

Jul 10, 2011

Tiny Blog Dump

This applies almost daily.

Alligator? Crocodile? Dinosaur? Croc-o-saur? Please stop asking.

Until Next Time.

Mar 21, 2011


My Twitter icon was in dire need of an update. Originally I'd chosen a pastel sketch on canvas I made at a sketch jam a few years ago...

I spent so long with this thing I got a little tired of it. It needed fixing. So I fixed it good. I idly doodled variations on the character, which I still liked, and scanned in my favorite...

So, after a back-and-forth painting/design process, I came up with this, which I feel much more satisfied with...

Until next time.