Apr 22, 2008

Old Lady Concepts

I was asked to come up with some alternative looks for a pre-existing logo, and these were the finalists. Unfortunately, the logo has now been changed to a divorced, middle-aged kangaroo...

...not really.

Until Next Time.


Patach said...


By the way, you have now made it inevitable that you have to do a divorced middle aged kangaroo.

the plummer said...

i kept thinking "magic school bus' ms. frizzle" looking at these =D hehehehe!

ha, it IS quite a small world (at least in chicago). so funny that you found me on youtube and then we suddenly work at the same place (er, not like there's many animation places to work at here!)

more on NYC though, since you seem to want to venture abroad to the town of old school sometime, watch artists like Bill Plympton, Patrick Smith (www.blendfilms.com), Fran Krause, Andy London (the later three being professors I had), PES, etc etc etc. It's kind of like one big clique there, but I say one because it's more like a whole big family of NYC animators, and they're all awesome.