Apr 14, 2008

Hedgehog Time

Yup, you heard right; it's time for hedgehogs. This was just a fun little commissioned piece for a friend.


Final Piece:

Until Next Time.


Douglas said...

Wow!! That looks great Graham, what did you use? Photohop, Illustrator, Flash?

Graham Sher said...

Actually, I just traced them in Flash and sized them in Photoshop.

toxiferous said...

Wow, great job! I love the defiant look on the one with the propeller.

Anonymous said...

graham a. sher's anamatics are unlike any other i've ever viewed...he's sure to rise to super 'pickle'; oh i meant to say, 'SUPER-PIXEL-MAN' of all chicago animators...no doubt...!

...safely said by a life long fan.

oh, and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...!

hope you day is super, special & sunny, just as you are.


aunt c.