May 30, 2007

More peoples and a SURPRISE!!!!

Here are more figure drawing examples. The more I look at these the more I'm wanting to get out on the train with my moleskine and draw new ones!!! Soon...soon.

Also, I wanna selfishly show off my little souvenir from The John and Bill Animation Show over the weekend. I approached the guys after watching Bill Plympton's Hair High (which I loved and have been gabbing about ever since). My hope was that they would both sign a blank piece of animation paper for me. Sure enough, they obliged. John K even drew a picture!!! How eternally thankful am I.

I loved this lady's hairstyle.

I was told it's "corny" to have the classroom drawn in the back. I see their point.

Bill Plympton and John K!!! AAAHHHH!!!!