Feb 15, 2015

Under Water

I wanted to overhaul the background on my Twitter page, and I thought it'd be fun to do a really skinny vertical image that would work well with the vertical layout of Twitter. Doing research on max screen sizes I learned that the new Twitter layout gives everyone a blank white background. Bummer.

Still, I liked the idea I had, so I fleshed it out just for fun. This was a rare instance where I came in knowing exactly what layout I wanted and executed it in the same afternoon that I started it. Usually these things end up getting drawn out to multiple afternoons, making tiny changes here and there. It felt great to just sit down and finish something, beginning to end, in a single chunk.

The real only roadblock I had was the seaweed, which originally started as just some abstract green lines. I felt like they looked a little TOO simple. I kept pushing their volumes and colors with a nifty leaf brush in Photoshop. Also I originally had an ocean floor on the very bottom, and ended up axing that. This change, in combination with the strong light slice towards the top, helped push this to a level I was happier with.

Until Next Time.

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