May 31, 2014

Space Girl

I wanted to continue practicing on stuff like my last piece. This idea came to me pretty quickly, but as it often happens, the execution slowed it down more and more. 

The initial sketch came out almost right away, but the more I refined everything, the longer it took. The only way to keep that beginning momentum is to just keep practicing.

Here's the initial sketch:

 Which was then cleaned up:

And then painted. I hadn't initially planned on giving her gun a really long cord, but the way her opposite hand was posed made it feel like a logical improvement to the overall composition and silhouette :


I kept the canvas horizontal because I wanted her look off to the right to draw the eye over the rest of the piece. The background turned out to be the most challenging part; there were so many variations of shapes and colors in different iterations. Eventually I settled on something simple that still gave off an 'outer space' atmosphere:

After trying this initial one there was still something that felt off. I felt like the background started to take focus from the illustration, so I tweaked it further until I found something that felt like a better balance:

Until Next Time.


boob said...

Aw yeah - dig the process posts! I particularly like the eyes and nose in the space girl here (and of course all the orange). This stylization isn't something I've seen from you too often. Or maybe I just haven't seen many human characters. I feel like this is a example of those "risky" gambles in character design: how far do I push something for the sake of originality/difference opposed to something "safer"? I think her eyes are a good example. Tiny pupils pushed all the way to the side to the point where they are practically lost, but I think it's somehow appropriate and adds to her expression. Neat stuff.

Are you using a tablet or is this with the Cintiq?

Graham Sher said...

Thanks man! I went into this one kind of explicitly trying to do something in a different style, so I'm really happy it comes through.

This one was a combo of the cintiq and the tablet. I can't get away with nice sketch/cleanup lines on a tablet, so that was all done on a cintiq. All the coloring and BG were done with a tablet.